Greenview Alliance Church

Helping people take the next step in their relationship with God

Training Ground @ 9:15am

Sunday Worship @ 10:30am

What Should I Wear?

Greenview is a "come as you are" kind of place. You will see people in every kind of clothes from suits with ties to jeans with t-shirts. We want you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and come with a sincere heart that is open to God's working and leading in your life!

 How do I get connected?

There are multiple ministries that act as entry points to get connected with others who, too, are moving forward in their faith journey. Also, we offer Greenview 101 in various formats and times for people to get a more in-depth feel for Greenview, its history, leadership, our denomination and more!

 Who's in charge?

Greenview is an elder-led church; overall the church, its direction, and its ministries are overseen by our Elders. Pastors, as Elders, are considered "first among equals" and serve as the primary vision casters, preachers, and teachers. Elders serve as Team Chairs in a 6 team structure consisting of Word and Worship, Youth and Family, Mission and Outreach, Adult Discipleship, Guest Services, and Operations.  Each team is comprised of leaders and volunteers within the congregation that carry out our mission of helping people take the next step in their relationship with God.  Leadership at Greenview is elected annually with the exception of Trustees, who serve in three-year terms.

Traditional or Contemporary?

On any particular Sunday you will hear anything from traditional hymns to some pretty rockin' contemporary worship songs at Greenview. We do not believe that there is a right and wrong kind of worship music; therefore we incorporate many different kinds of songs into our worship and pray that no matter what we are singing, we will be honest and sincere in our hearts as we worship together. Our worship "sets" are carefully thought through and it’s a pretty good bet that if you worship at Greenview long, you will come to appreciate many kinds of worship music.

How do I become a member?

Membership is a great way of making a commitment to being a part of what God is doing in and through Greenview. We ask that everyone who is considering membership take the first step of attending Greenview 101. We believe that this experience equips someone with the knowledge and understanding of Greenview truly needed to make a decision about joining our fellowship. At Greenview 101, the rest of the process is explained which includes a membership application and brief interview with the elders where you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they do!